August 22, 2012


Stella:  (looking at our wedding pictures) Mommy, is that your wedding?
Me:      Yes, baby.
Stella:   You got married to daddy?
Me:       Yep.
Stella:   I want to marry daddy.
Me:      Well, you can't marry daddy, but you can marry somebody else.
Stella:  (thinking) I will marry James.
Me:      Well, not him either.
Stella:   Oh.
Me:      Anyway, that's a long way away. Before you get married, you want to make sure that you know who you are.
Stella:  What? I'm Stella.  

At open house for Pre-K today, the teacher asked James to use a clothespin with his name on it to answer the "Question of the Day." 

Needless to say.. James' answer is on the right.

I love (love) that kid.

August 15, 2012

Taylor Swift

The kids love Taylor Swift.  We can thank the Expert for their exposure to "Fearless," the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix.

I walked into the room just a few moments ago.  James had turned on the documentary for Stella, because she love love loves music and especially watching talented "girls like me and Mommy" who sing and dance (although Mommy does no such thing).

Me:      Oh, Taylor Swift.  You guys LOVE Taylor Swift don't you?

Stella:  Yes, I love her.

Me:      She's very pretty isn't she?

Stella:  Yes, she is princess pretty.

James:  She has crazy googly octopus hair.

August 6, 2012

Dear Kids

Dear Kids,

For the most part, I think you drive me nuts.  I walk in the door after work, and I swear that you have saved all your ninja tricks for the 6-8 PM shift.  Oh, and the whining.  My goodness gracious great balls of fire. I have never heard someone whine about pizza. You guys take the cake.

"But our pizza is hottttttttt...."

What??  (I think I solved the whining pizza issue by declaring August 6, 2012 as the last day you will ever, [ever] have pizza again!)

Sometimes when your father is out of town, I feel like it's an act of God to get you fed and into the bed...alive. Why is it so hard?

I think because you are 14 months apart...and you are in a constant conspiracy against me. That's fine. I can't wait until you are teenagers and I can change the Wi-Fi password on a moment's notice. "Oh yeah? That was for 2012 and the double ninja color on the walls! Take that!"

You wore me out tonight. But as I was heading towards the bed, I walked upstairs to check on you, to do my momly duty to ensure that you were snug as crazy bugs in rugs.

And I teared up. The sight and smell of two sleeping, sweet James and Stella kids... is enough to melt my entire icy exterior.

You are the BEST kids in the world. I swear it to be true.

Tomorrow at 6pm, I might be lining you up for the Hunger Games... but for now... Oh, be still my heart. You guys are the most precious.