August 6, 2012

Dear Kids

Dear Kids,

For the most part, I think you drive me nuts.  I walk in the door after work, and I swear that you have saved all your ninja tricks for the 6-8 PM shift.  Oh, and the whining.  My goodness gracious great balls of fire. I have never heard someone whine about pizza. You guys take the cake.

"But our pizza is hottttttttt...."

What??  (I think I solved the whining pizza issue by declaring August 6, 2012 as the last day you will ever, [ever] have pizza again!)

Sometimes when your father is out of town, I feel like it's an act of God to get you fed and into the bed...alive. Why is it so hard?

I think because you are 14 months apart...and you are in a constant conspiracy against me. That's fine. I can't wait until you are teenagers and I can change the Wi-Fi password on a moment's notice. "Oh yeah? That was for 2012 and the double ninja color on the walls! Take that!"

You wore me out tonight. But as I was heading towards the bed, I walked upstairs to check on you, to do my momly duty to ensure that you were snug as crazy bugs in rugs.

And I teared up. The sight and smell of two sleeping, sweet James and Stella kids... is enough to melt my entire icy exterior.

You are the BEST kids in the world. I swear it to be true.

Tomorrow at 6pm, I might be lining you up for the Hunger Games... but for now... Oh, be still my heart. You guys are the most precious.


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