August 22, 2012


Stella:  (looking at our wedding pictures) Mommy, is that your wedding?
Me:      Yes, baby.
Stella:   You got married to daddy?
Me:       Yep.
Stella:   I want to marry daddy.
Me:      Well, you can't marry daddy, but you can marry somebody else.
Stella:  (thinking) I will marry James.
Me:      Well, not him either.
Stella:   Oh.
Me:      Anyway, that's a long way away. Before you get married, you want to make sure that you know who you are.
Stella:  What? I'm Stella.  

At open house for Pre-K today, the teacher asked James to use a clothespin with his name on it to answer the "Question of the Day." 

Needless to say.. James' answer is on the right.

I love (love) that kid.

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