August 15, 2012

Taylor Swift

The kids love Taylor Swift.  We can thank the Expert for their exposure to "Fearless," the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix.

I walked into the room just a few moments ago.  James had turned on the documentary for Stella, because she love love loves music and especially watching talented "girls like me and Mommy" who sing and dance (although Mommy does no such thing).

Me:      Oh, Taylor Swift.  You guys LOVE Taylor Swift don't you?

Stella:  Yes, I love her.

Me:      She's very pretty isn't she?

Stella:  Yes, she is princess pretty.

James:  She has crazy googly octopus hair.

1 comment:

Liam Welsh said...

LOL! Oh my! James has it right! That's really funny. Don't we all just love the things our kids say?