September 18, 2012

When Mom Forgets to Blog...

Dear Kids,

I admit to never creating baby books for you guys.  I would feel terrible about that, except for the fact, that over the past (almost) five years, I have over a thousand pages of writing and pictures floating around in cyberspace... and that 1000 pages is all about you.  And in four volumes for when you grow up and I can prove that I loved you because I have VOLUMES.  Volumes! Yes. Volumes are love.

Now, in the beginning years, you had thicker volumes, and admittedly, Mom has fallen off the kid blog grid... in exchange for a "little" triathlon blog and a book, but I am coming back... soon, I promise.

In the meantime of my slack writing... the iPhone has never ceased working, so I have thousands of pictures to save in your proverbial hope chests, too.  Oh, and I just booked a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for you, James, and ordered the fixings for a homemade Spiderman cake (God, help me... how is that going to turn out... Mom, that doesn't look like Spiderman.  I don't know why I do this to myself).

So what's new with James and Stella?  Oh my goodness. Nothing but exceptional funniness. And two bike riding fools!

As far as funny...last night for example...

James, you were bragging to Stella that because you are now a "big boy" you get to eat in the gym (cafeteria) at school.  Where she is quarantined to the classroom.

To which Stella responded, "I am too little to eat in the gym."

James, you pointed to Stella and said to her, "Yes, look at your little feet."

Stella, you looked down at your feet, and acknowledged that your feet, were in fact, little.

This morning - Stella - you woke up and put on a full-footed pajama, which is two sizes too small and came from Lord-knows-where in your bedroom. Probably the same place where you hide your dirty diapers.

I said, "Stella, those jammies are too little! You can't be wearing that!"

And you said, "But I am little. Look at my little feet!"

To say that you guys are getting funnier by the second... would be a gross understatement. The best stuff is the conversations between the two of you.

James:   Let's play that you are the princess and I am the superhero and we are killing wolves with my sword.
Stella:    Ok.
James:   Did you hear me, Stella?
Stella:    Yes, I am killing wolves.

And you are such good kids. I am very tough on you. I don't let you stand on the counters or eat candy or smoke crack, but I really think it's for your own good.

Stella:    Oh, mommy, you are beautiful.
Me:        Aw, Stella, that is so sweet. Thank you.
Stella:    But I am the most beautiful princess.
Me:        (laughing) Yes, and humble, too.
Stella:    Yes. And jumble too.

You are healthy and happy kids. I am thankful for you both.  It has not been an easy five years--but I have loved watching you grow from helpless bobble-head monkeys... to bona fide kidlets... and I am so very proud of you.

Your little feet and all.

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