November 14, 2012

Feasting and Such

I realized this year that the Thanksgiving Feast at school is THE big deal of the year. 

I had trouble getting off work yesterday, so the Expert was father of the year with Stella - and went.  She has two feasts because she is in two different classes (long story), but I was able to attend her feast and James' play today.

Thankful for Dad. Teachers. Ms. Joni. And Potatoes.
Where's Mommy??? :)
 Thankful for Stella!!
(Where's Mommy!!) :)

When James saw Stella walk into his play, he told his classmate, "That's my sister. I don't want her here!"

Every kid has someone there- many kids had grandparents AND two parents.  The feeding feast is a big deal.  And I am glad we were there.  Fun times.  Growing up quickly.   

This little take-home Mayflower was awesome....
James' play was AWESOME too.  Check out this video.

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