November 6, 2012

Halloween, Fall and it All

Time is flying. That is all.

We have a five year old son.  We have been married eleven years.  We have an almost four year old daughter.

I am almost 33.  The Expert is almost 36...which is closer to 40 than 30.

Time. Flies.

James' birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese happened. Came and went.

The Spider-Man cake came out well, and it was delicious. But I'm not sure why in the world I struggle through cake baking in 2012... when you can get anything in the world delivered to your door.  I guess to prove that I love my monkey enough to bake him a cake.

The party was good.  But don't get me started on how inconsiderate the THREE women who cancelled their kids' RSVP thirty minutes before the party were. We were driving to Chuck E. Cheese and I found out on my iPhone. Ridiculous.

Regardless, the six friends that came in support of James were awesome and we had a great time.


And now starts the crazy time of the year.  The school stuff--the pumpkin patches (ooops, that already happened), then the Thanksgiving Feasts, the Christmas parties. It promises to be a crazy holiday season for all of us.

As we were driving home last week, I gave the kids a toy catalog and asked them to circle things for their Santa lists. 
Hysterically, they circled everything. Everything.  

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