November 6, 2012

The Spirited One

Last night, the kids were especially evil for me.

I have been sick and my head was pounding, and they were everywhere.  Stella, hanging on the curtains.  Jumping off the seventh stair down to the foyer (!).  Standing on the counter (!).  Screaming when she wanted to watch "Arthur" versus "Spongebob."

Okay, so it's only Stella.

Stella Rae, the princess, is the new Atwood house troublemaker.

The girl has turned into the "Spirited One," instead of James.  All those years of James wearing us out. Now, he's like the perfect little citizen of the world.

"Oh, no. That's not what Mommy says, Stella," he'll say.  Then Stella will turn around and slap him across the face. What?!??!

She's fickle too.  A lover and a leaver. Like, she'll love you when she wants a cookie, but then once she's "done with you" ---she's done.  Miss Independent. Miss Self Sufficient.  The things I have prayed for in a daughter... and now, they are true.

I'm not sure if I have posted this before, but I don't want to EVER forget it.  It's the FUNNIEST thing in the world that James has ever said.  Stella was in the back of the car being bad... and James told her this: "Stella.  I am going to go to the ocean. And then I am going to catch a shark.  Then I am going to bring him back here, and he's going to eat you."

The Expert and I crack up everytime we think about it.  All the variables that would have to come true... for that scenario to happen.  First, James will need to be near the ocean. Then somehow get to the ocean, fashion a boat of sorts, catch a shark.... wrestle the shark back onto land... then somehow bring the live shark to his sister, and convince it to eat her.  I. Love. It.

But he's so right. Sometimes, I think I will go get a shark to eat the child.  If we can somehow turn her into a good citizen of the world before age 13.

But dang... she's the cutest thing I've ever seen. And I want to give her whatever she wants.

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