December 31, 2012

To the Girl Child on your Fourth Birthday

Dear Stella on your Fourth Birthday,
You are such a happy spirit.Your brother and I tend to have a bit of a "dark," brooding side. But that darkness
just like in your father--does not exist. You're always a happy spirit, smiling, and happy to the core. I am so
glad to have a daughter. When I found out surprisingly that I was pregnant with you, I was well--surprised.
But when I found out I was having you, a girl, I was thrilled. Since you have been here in our lives, I have
felt a sense of camaraderie with you that is so special. I hope that we can be friends always, but I know
that may not be realistic...especially when you turn 13.

I do hope that you always know that I love you. That I'm proud of you. And that you are just as much a
Princess as you pretend to be. You're MY princess. You're a bright shining little light in this world. I love
you more than anything.

I find sometimes, that I want to protect you more than your brother. Not that you need protecting because
you're a girl, but because...I know what it takes to be a woman and a girl...and the struggles for women in
this world in this decade do not seem as great as they did 100 years ago, of course, they are still REAL. And
when I look into your little eyes, I know what you're going to see just from being a woman, and that makes
me feel like I need to protect you a little more each day.

You're a smart girl.
You're a beautiful girl.
And you have a big life ahead of you!
People are drawn to you. People want to be near you. You are energetic and full of life. I would not doubt it
if you become a superstar---the way you intensely watch Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and other girl musicians.
I should really buy you a guitar... maybe you can already play it. You're surprising like that.

Your little friends want to be like you. I see it, and it's incredible to watch. I can already see that about you.
That's a great place of fun, but it's also a great place of responsibility. I hope that you always remember to be
kind, and compassionate, and live your life as if each day were your last.
I love you, Stella Rae.

December 21, 2012

Oh McFun It Is...

The lyrics to "Jingle Bells" as performed by the Atwood children.

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh McFun it is to ride in a one horsed open sleigh

'Tis the season for the Elf on the Shelf (Pickles).

And ballet.

Christmas lists. School parties and plays.

But not without school party fiasco. I could only attend Stella's class party.  So I sent the Expert with a cheese tray to drop off at Stella's class the next day, but attend James' party... James' party was supposed to have the juice boxes dropped off ---but I forgot to tell the Expert, and instead he took cheese to James' party... and the room mom was like, 'Where are the juice boxes????'

To which the Expert responded, "No idea. But I have cheese."

So James' party had no juice boxes, but he had a DAD there.  And Stella's second party (she's in two different classes, different days... long story) had NO cheese.  But whatever.

'Tis the season!

For Christmas performances!

For the plague. Stella is sick (which we just found out is pnuemonia) and missed her Christmas performance. But luckily, we were able to dress up and go see James' McFun play and have froyo afterwards. 

And most of all... I am THANKFUL that our babies are here and happy (plague and all)... and OURS.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!