December 31, 2012

To the Girl Child on your Fourth Birthday

Dear Stella on your Fourth Birthday,
You are such a happy spirit.Your brother and I tend to have a bit of a "dark," brooding side. But that darkness
just like in your father--does not exist. You're always a happy spirit, smiling, and happy to the core. I am so
glad to have a daughter. When I found out surprisingly that I was pregnant with you, I was well--surprised.
But when I found out I was having you, a girl, I was thrilled. Since you have been here in our lives, I have
felt a sense of camaraderie with you that is so special. I hope that we can be friends always, but I know
that may not be realistic...especially when you turn 13.

I do hope that you always know that I love you. That I'm proud of you. And that you are just as much a
Princess as you pretend to be. You're MY princess. You're a bright shining little light in this world. I love
you more than anything.

I find sometimes, that I want to protect you more than your brother. Not that you need protecting because
you're a girl, but because...I know what it takes to be a woman and a girl...and the struggles for women in
this world in this decade do not seem as great as they did 100 years ago, of course, they are still REAL. And
when I look into your little eyes, I know what you're going to see just from being a woman, and that makes
me feel like I need to protect you a little more each day.

You're a smart girl.
You're a beautiful girl.
And you have a big life ahead of you!
People are drawn to you. People want to be near you. You are energetic and full of life. I would not doubt it
if you become a superstar---the way you intensely watch Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and other girl musicians.
I should really buy you a guitar... maybe you can already play it. You're surprising like that.

Your little friends want to be like you. I see it, and it's incredible to watch. I can already see that about you.
That's a great place of fun, but it's also a great place of responsibility. I hope that you always remember to be
kind, and compassionate, and live your life as if each day were your last.
I love you, Stella Rae.

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