April 5, 2013

A Sweet Share

I experienced one of the sweetest brother-sister moments last night. We have been working with the kiddos about earning money and saving their money. James and Stella both got wallets - and James is especially proud of his.

If I had known a wallet would bring so much joy...

Anyway, last night he was showing me all of his money in his wallet.

We were sitting on the floor of the bedroom.. I was folding laundry. He was proud of his wallet.

"Look Mom, I have a dollar."

"Well," I said, "It's half a dollar. Where's the other half?"

"Oh, I gave it to Stella. She didn't have a dollar, so I wanted to share with her."
Almost made me cry.
Until I went to Stella's room, and saw FOUR dollar bills in her room... and the sad one-half dollar James gave her.  I couldn't let him see that.  Poor, sweet little dude got swindled by his little stinker sister con-artist.

Oh but she is too much, and too cute to stay mad at for long.  They both are, really. 

We've been working like crazy people getting adjusted to our new house and world here in Sandy Springs.  The kids are liking their old school, but are really missing our prior babysitter, Ms. J, our old neighbors and their school friends.

But we've got a great gym and pool - just like we did in Lawrenceville--- but better. So I am hoping that makes up for it.

It's tough being in a new place. I don't really feel like Sandy Springs is "new" because I have been working over here and working out at the gym here for years now... so love the area and felt immediately at home.

The kids... I worried about them.. but they have really done well. I am proud of them. They plugged right into their classes and made friends. I think it helps that they have each other, too.

This was a picture of a ROYAL temper tantrum the other night. Wowzers.

And the poor Toy-Story-style baby. There's a reason Pixar created that baby.

And a very hoppy Easter.

Flowers from the tree in our "new house."

The kids were off from school last Friday, so I took the day off from work and we had a great day together ---just me and the kiddos.  We went to the Atlanta Children's Museum, and they had a ball. I was really impressed with the place.  We went right when the doors opened, which was good. I can imagine it gets a little nuts later in the day.

I was a super fan of the paint station, as were the kiddos. I loved how James immediately made a picture... and Stella went directly for something simply beautiful. Tells a ton about their personalities: James and his analytical side; Stella and her quest for the lovely things.

We live near a great playground. The babies used to love the playground by their old school, so I am glad that we are three blocks from one.  I have nicknamed it "Pattycake Playground"--- just because it made the kiddos giggle. Seems that it's kind of stuck. 

The boys love Stella Rae.  Here's yet another one of them following her around. Hopefully it's not (or it is) a preview of things to come...I'm not sure which one I hope. ;)

I am constantly shocked at how easy kids learn to be techy.  Both kids can use the iPhones. And we barely "let" them.  But I wake up often to photo bombs. Usually from Stella:

Stella's a pretty darn good photographer.  See?

Here's the view from near our house. I love seeing the King and Queen building. The kids think that the King and Queen live there. I like to keep it that way.

Stella:   Hey James. You like my Hello Kitty Swim SOUP?

James:  No.

Stella:  Why not? It's BLUE for boys.

James:  Oh, okay.  No.

Stella:  You are a bad brudder.

James:  Oh whatever, Stelllllla.

The Expert is a great daddy.  Always has been.  He'll always jump right in an play. Momma is usually too tired (or too lazy) to get dirty and down on the floor (in this case... I couldn't stand to get BACK in the pool after my long swim :-/ ...hello Ironman....)  ...but that's why I love the dude.

For Easter, the Bunny brought mostly practical things like bath towels, underpants and jammies.  James got an Angry Birds Lego thing, and Stella got a train case of makeup. Lawdy.  Yesterday, Stella was on a stool in the bathroom... while JAMES put makeup on HER.  

He actually did a pretty good job.  Stella says she "can't see to put makeup on her eyes when she closes them," so she needed her "brudder" to do it. 

The princess is in! She's fabulous. I mean... ballet skirt, jacket and glasses on head. Her own creation. I cannot compete. I am going to totally embarrass her by the time she's a teenager. My lack of style now is going to torment her when I am wearing my mom jeans in 10 years.

Just a little preview was yesterday:
Stella: "I don't wanna go eat pizza! My earring fell out and I don't like this world! Momma you are not beautiful-- you are crazy!!!" 

Oh I can't wait for the teenage years. That will be "fun."

I'm proud of the kids. I don't write as much anymore because I am always on the "other" blog... but it doesn't mean that I don't have an iPhone FULL of pictures to share... and drawers of post-its with anecdotes to blog about.... I'm just looking for spare hours.

And right now... if they are awake and I am able, I am with them... not writing about them.

On Wednesday afternoon at 4:25, I was at the park with some frozen yogurt...with my kids. That's what moving to Sandy Springs has done for our family. The Expert takes them to school; I get off work at 4:00, and I pick them up. #blessed.

It's just the four of us, and I really do like the new changes.

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